Thankful For Many Splendid Things – New Client, Cynsations Post and More!

To me October is all about celebrating the many blessings we encounter partly because growing up in Canada, the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday always fell on the second Monday in October. So once October arrives, I naturally begin recounting the many splendid things I’m grateful for and this month I’ve much to be thankful for. I’m […]

Pumpkin Time! Teacher/Librarian Appreciation Gift

Every year in the United States the National PTA sponsors PTA Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s an opportunity for us parents to thank the many teachers, administrators, and support staff that educate our children and enrich their lives. For the 2014-15 school year, the PTA Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8, 2015. It’s never too early to start thinking […]

Thankful for Picture Books

Each Thanksgiving I’m reminded of all the wonderful things to be thankful for (family, friends, health, community) and this season is no different, but I want to add to my list this year and say I’m thankful for picture books and the joy they brought to me as a child, the joy they’ve brought to […]

Picture Book Posts for Hen & Ink Literary Studio

It’s a crisp morning and the sun is shining and it’s Picture Book Month! Cluck! Cluck! In celebration of that and to pass along information I gleamed from attending the 17th Texas Book Festival in Austin this past October, I have done two posts for my agent Erzsi Deak and the agency Hen & Ink Literary Studio. […]

On Top of the Hen House — Meet My Literary Agent!

Hen in bucket at Barrington Living History Farm Life can turn on a dime. Or if you’re a hen living in a coop, life can turn when your egg hatches. And this week my egg that I’d been sitting on for so long, finally hatched! I’m happy to announce that the enormously talented  Erzsi Deàk, founder […]